Tunnetun saksalaisen valmistajan AS-Schneiderin valmistama laadukas asennusjärjestelmä eri teollisuuden tarpeisiin.


  • Bore Size 5 mm (0.197″)
  • Inlet and Vent Connection G 1/4 Female – DIN 3852-2
  • Equalize and Vent Valves are equipped with an Anti-Tamper Head Unit
  • Suitable for Liquid and Gas Service
  • Fully Self-draining

AS-Schneider asennusjarjestelma

DirectMount systems

  • Size
    – Isolate Valves: 3/8″ (9.5 mm)
    – Equalize and Vent Valves: 0.138″ (3.5 mm)
  • Soft Seat
    – Isolate Valves: Cone Design (roddable)
    – Equalize and Vent Valves: Cup Design
    – Soft Seats are field replaceable
  • Double O-Ring Design as standard
  • PTFE Packing is also available for all valve types
  • 5 Valve Manifolds are supplied with a bug plug in the 1/4 NPT female vent port (fitted)

AS-Schneider asennusjarjestelma